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We launched dice on the EOS main net!

We just lauched dice on the EOS main net, and have blown away all expectations! By volume alone, we have had the most successful dapp launch ever! Play right now!

Here are some stats! In only 4 days, we've had:

  • 200,000 bets!
  • 2,350,000 million EOS wagered!
  • Over $10M of bets on our platform!

And this is only our beta test! We are going live on mainnet shortly!

What is EOSBet Casino? What is it?

EOSBet Casino is a fully trustless and provably fair gambling platform, and the first to be built on the high-performance EOS.IO blockchain.
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    Fully Trustless

    Never trust a online casino. You won't need to trust us, because all our games take place through smart contracts. You will always have a fair game, and remain in full control of your funds.

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    Proven Team and Project

    Our proof-of-concept dice and slots games on the Ethereum main-net received massive traffic and interest! We frequently hit top 3 on dapp trackers.

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    The Hottest Games

    We are developing the hottest casino games. Get ready to play a crypto classic, DICE!
    Next up: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow, and our specially themed crypto slot machines with massive payouts!

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    Unlike Ethereum based smart contracts, contracts on EOS are free to interact with. Gamble anytime, anywhere, with zero gas costs and zero fees.

Established Casino on Ethereum Casino

Our dice and slots games launched March 2018 on the Ethereum main net.

The games on Ethereum received an immense amount of traffic and were ranked #3 on
However, issues with Ethereum scalability forced us to take our games down and convinced us to build on the more commercial-scale EOS blockchain.


  • Our slots game on Ethereum was highly successful, with over 44,000 slots dials spun!
  • Slots had amazing payouts. Some users won huge jackpots of 1777x their initial bets!
  • Even though users could play up to 200 slots games in one Ethereum transaction, the network was still too slow! Get ready for high performance slots on EOS.


  • We had a ton of rolls in our dice game, with over 7,000 plays!
  • Users bet over $250,000 on dice, in only 90 days. That's a quarter of a million dollars, just on dice!
  • Even though our dice game was super popular, Ethereum couldn't handle it. Get ready for instant bets on EOS, and absolutely zero transaction fees!

Our Roadmap Roadmap

March 2018

Launch provably fair dice, slots & trustless bankroll contracts on Ethereum main net.

June 2018

Reach over $500,000 in total bets. Over 40,000 slots dials spun and 7,000 dice rolls. Present at 2018 EOS Global Developer Conference in Beijing.

July 2018

Shut off proof-of-concept games due to poor Ethereum network performance and focus fully on developing on EOS.

August 2018

Launch beta Dice game on EOS main net, featuring instant, trustless betting! Begin Airdrop and referral program.

All players of dice will receive completely free BET tokens as an in-game bonus. Don't miss the chance to play the first casino game EOS!

November 2018

First dividend receiving period for token holders!

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

EOSBet is a team of experienced developers and individuals familiar with the online gambling industry. We initially launched two games on Ethereum, dice and slots. These games were extremely popular, but Ethereum's scaling issues took their toll. Ocassionally games were slow, and could not process.

Our team is building a commercial scale smart casino and this is impossible on present-day Ethereum. We have decided to transition to the EOS blockchain, and will shortly be offering the classic dice game. EOSBet always have instant, and completely feeless betting. Our games will be 100% provably fair. Why gamble anywhere else?

Our dice game is launching soon on the EOS blockchain. Stay tuned, and join our telegram right now for up to the minute updates.

We currently are not having an airdrop, where EOS holders will receive free tokens with zero effort. However, we are offering free tokens to something we call an "interactive airdrop". Come check out our dice game and get some BET tokens!

Please see this Medium article for more information about the airdrop!

Details about our ICO and token dynamics are not available yet. If you would like to receive information about our presale, please email for details.

At EOSBet Casino, we are disgusted with the current state of the ICO market, and hate how teams offer useless "utility tokens" to investors. Many online casinos have ICO'd and most have failed to attract any users with their utility token mechanics.

We are doing something different. All profit that is generated by our casino will be distributed proportionally and automatically to our token holders. By holding BET tokens, you will receive dividends in EOS.

Online casinos traditonally generate huge profits, and their centralized structure makes them ripe for corruption. By distributing the majority of our profits in fully auditable way and by offering provably fair games, we seek to eliminate this unsavory aspect of the online casino market. As a gambler, you can bankroll the same online casino that you play at. Your losses are your wins!

Betting on EOSBet is extremely simple. Anyone with an EOS account and wallet can make bets on our platform. Whether you are using Scatter a popular wallet web extension, or the incoming mobile wallet, you will be able to bet on our platform. There will be absolutely zero signup on our platform, simply open our site, and use your wallet to start interacting with our smart contracts & placing bets.

There have been many upstart crypto currency casinos, and many of them make a fatal mistake -- forcing users to bet with some obscure utility token. Funfair and Edgeless are two notable platforms that receive very little traffic for this exact reason. You cannot force users to purchase a low-liquidity "betting" token on an obscure cyptocurrency exchange to play your games. This is an easy way to lose interest from 99% of your possible users. We will become the first commercial scale smart casino, and we will absolutely not force users to purchase any sort of "betting token".

All bets on our platform will take place in EOS, the native currency of the EOS.IO blockchain which our smart contracts run on. EOS is highly liquid, and offered on a variety of exchanges. This makes it drastically easier to place bets, with a much lower barrier to entry.

The mechanics of our BET token are quite simple. Holders of the BET token receive 100% of the profit that our casino makes. Bets will take place in EOS, and eventually other major coins like BTC & ETH when EOS gateways are established. Periodically, excess profit will be taken from the casino bankroll, and sent to our bankrollers. This will initially be 100% EOS based dividends, but will also be in major coins when gateways are established.

Initially, dividends will be distributed once per quarter by a "push" mechanism. Users will not be required to do anything to receive dividends, however they must wait until the end of the quarter to receive any profit.

Eventually, we will design "auto dividend" smart contracts, so that our users will be automatically paid out when their dividend balance reaches a certain amount -- say 0.1 EOS. For our large investors, this might mean a constant stream of dividends are hitting your account!

Of course, dividends are absolutely not guaranteed. It's common for casinos to go on "losing streaks" where they are not profitable. Dividend rates depend solely on bet volume, and the luckiness (or unluckiness) of our bettors.

Due to the uncertainties and constantly evolving legal/regulatory environment facing both online gambling and cryptocurrencies, the team has opted to remain semi-private for the time being. This is particularly important as we have team members operating in multiple jurisdictions with differing regulatory climates.

We are receiving legal guidance to ensure that we can eventually meet gaming and security law. For now, we’re letting our code, research and content speak for themselves. More detailed personnel information is available to qualified parties upon request.

Our vision is to become the first truly honest casino. Profit from the casino will be given back to the community. Our games will be provably fair, and secured by immutable smart-contracts on the EOS blockchain. We love gambling, and want to make a place where people around the world can game securely and fairly.

Our team is highly experienced with blockchain development. We initally deployed three gambling contracts on the Ethereum network, which were extremely popular. These games passed extensive security audits, and never had any sort of security failure on the Ethereum main net.

These three contracts allowed users to play dice and slots. Both of these games were provably fair. The other contract allowed anyone to trustlessly invest Ether into the bankroll, and receive profits based on their share of the bankroll.

Please see our past games section of this website to read more about the games, and to audit our contracts on Etherscan.

Yes, our team does have past experience with online gambling, marketing, and business development. Some team members come directly from the online gambling industry, and others are avid gamblers themselves. Unfortunately we cannot reveal more specific information, as it would be personally identifying.

Every year, we take a team trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. This allows us to meet up in person at least once, and have some fun! Members of the team are located around the globe, as we have many remote workers.

We think gambling is, frankly, quite beautiful. Gambling and betting is one of the first human forms of entertainment, and has obviously remained very popular. Rigged games have been a constant issue, and while playing a game in a "live casino" mitigate the risk somewhat, it is still a present factor. Online games are much worse, with massive instances of cheating regularly occuring.

For the first time in history, it is mathematically and cryptographically impossible to play a rigged game. EOSBet is going to make this a reality. Why play anywhere else?